Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Incident at Dismissal today

Burlington Public Schools
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Deborah Dressler

Dear Memorial School Families,

Today at dismissal, your student may have seen an ambulance and fire truck arrive at school. The

ambulance was called to the school for a medical emergency. The student involved has been safely

transported to a local hospital to be evaluated. These type of events are not common for children to

 see at school so they may be asking questions about it. Please reassure them that students are safe at

school and when accidents happen we all work together with school and town services to make sure

everyone is taken care of.

If you or your child have questions, please do not hesitate to connect with our guidance and

school psychologist staff Ms. Flaccavento (781-238-6825), Ms. Sedovic (781-270-2968) and Ms.

Martin at 781-273-7031) or speak to me directly at 781-270-1721.

Thank you,
Deb Dressler