Monday, September 25, 2017

Weekly Memo

September 22,2017
Main Office 781-270-1721    Nurse 781-270-1724   Absentee Line 781-273-7649

Sept 27: Bourndale Info Session 5th Grade Parents Only Francis Wyman 6-7:30pm
Sept 29th: Picture Day
Oct 5th- PTO meeting 7pm Memorial Library
Oct 6th: First Grade Field Trip
Oct 9th: Columbus Day  NO SCHOOL
Oct 27th: Halloween Party 6:30-8pm

Main Lunch Menu Choices

Chicken parm on a bun

Stuffed Crust Pizza

Taco Tuesday

Alt: Hot Dog

Mozzarella sticks & Pizza crunchers

Alt: Turkey & Cheese

Meatball Sub

Alt: Ham & Cheese Croissant

Sal’s Pizza

School Attendance: If your child is going to be absent, you MUST call the School Absentee Line at 781-273-7649 BEFORE 8:10 am on the day of the absence.  An answering machine will record your message.  Please leave your Child’s name, grade level, teacher’s name and reason for the absence.
Bus Questions

Please direct all questions and concerns regarding A and F Bus by emailing

Note Required for a Change in Dismissal Plans:
In the interest of safety, on any day that a child’s routine transportation plans are altered, a note must be written and signed by a parent or guardian to the classroom teacher to describe the change.  Occasionally an emergency situation arises during the day that necessitates a change.  If such an emergency should arise and it is necessary to change your child’s transportation plans during the school day, please contact the office by phone (781-270-1721) before your child’s scheduled lunchtime to ensure that his or her teacher receives the information. (Do not call the teacher directly, or email requests, as these messages may not be received before the end of the day.) Please understand that due to the busy-ness of dismissal time and our concern about student safety, students can not be dismissed without your sending in a note to the teacher or notifying the office before students’ scheduled lunch time. Buses are held until all children are accounted for, impacting the timely departure of the buses and students’ arrival time at home.  Thank  you in advance for helping us to keep “Memorial Kids” safe by informing us of changes well before dismissal time.

All medication required during school hours is to be brought to the school by a parent/guardian. Children are not to transport their own medication. Medication, both prescribed and over the counter, needs to be in properly labeled bottles or containers. A signed order form from your doctor is also required for each medication. These order forms can be obtained in the nurse’s office. Please Contact Lynn Sakey at (781) 270-1724 if you have any questions.

Healthcare documentation reminders:
  • All students entering 4th grade in September 2017 are required by Massachusetts state law, to have a current physical exam on file with the health office. Any physical exam dated after August 29, 2017 will meet this requirement.
  • Children entering Kindergarten must have all required immunizations and documented physical exam within one year of entry into school prior to 9/11/2017 per Massachusetts state law found in Chapter 76, Section 15 of the General Laws of Massachusetts

From Mr. Napierkowski:  
Attention 4th graders and parents regarding 4th grade Instrumental Music Lessons.
Back in June, 3rd graders attended an assembly that demonstrated the flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet and trombone. Students interested in beginning lessons on one of these instruments received a notice describing the instrumental program. For more information please go to  A commitment to practicing at home is essential for success.  Introductory lessons will start the week of September 11th. Classroom teachers will have the lesson schedule.  Lessons with instruments will begin the week of September 25th.  Any questions please email Mr. Napierkowski at

Tuesdays & Thursdays, Sept 7-21
At memorial School Field

Grades 6-8:
4:00-5:00 (Skills and Games)
Activity #: 174001-B

Come and learn basic skills of flag football and participate in moderately
competitive games

For more information or to register visit

The Memorial PTO needs you!  
Please visit our website to register your family, pay your dues online, and sign up for volunteer opportunities.  Information about the many ways that you can help the PTO are on the website.  We look forward to the events that are coming up during this school year.  
First meeting is: October 5th at 7:00pm in the library


If you would like to participate,please have your child bring into school any dor or cat food that you would like to dontae.  You will find the collection barrell in the Lobby 10/16-10/27

 Town of Burlington HAZARDOUS WASTE


Saturday, September 23, 2017
8:30am to Noon
Francis Wyman Elementary School
*****PLEASE NOTE*****
DO NOT BRING LATEX PAINT (dry it out and put in the trash)
(Sharps collection kiosks located at Fire and Police stations - link)
  • Full Aerosol cans -  (Empty cans can be placed in curbside recycling bin)
  • Automotive products - Oil, brake fluid, car wax, gasoline, antifreeze, engine degreaser.
  • Batteries - Lead acid, button cell, nickel-cadmium and lithium.
  • Fluorescent light bulbs - Tubes and energy saving compacts. Transport in box or case. DO NOT tape together.
  • Glues and adhesives
  • Hobby chemicals
  • Mercury and mercury containing products
  • Paint - Oil-based only.
  • Pesticides - including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fertilizer with pesticides, snail/slug/rat poison.
  • Pool chemicals
  • Propane tanks
  • Thinners and solvents - turpentine, paint stripper, paint thinner, degreaser
  • Appliances, TVs or Computer Equipment - contact Republic Services at 1-800-442-9006 to schedule curbside pickup.
  • Alkaline Batteries - Household type (A, AAA, C, D, etc.) can be thrown in household trash.
  • Biological or Infectious Waste
  • Construction materials - Asbestos materials, siding, shingles, floor tiles, etc.
  • Latex Paint - Pour paint in a cardboard box lined with newspaper or mix with kitty litter to promote hardening. Once paint in can or box is dry, place in regular trash.
  • Empty paint cans or aerosol cans
  • Explosives or Flares
  • Prescription Medication (link to disposal information)
  • Oversized amounts - No drums or truck loads.
  • Pathological wastes and medical devices (non-sharps)
  • Radioactive materials—Smoke detectors can be thrown in trash
  • Tires - Contact Republic Services at 1-800-442-9006 to schedule curbside pickup

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