Monday, December 5, 2016

Gas Smell at Memorial School this Morning

Good Morning Memorial School Parents/Guardians,

At approximately 10:15 today a gas smell was reported by staff members in the school. A call was 
placed to the Burlington Fire Department and they recommended that we evacuate the building. 
The standard evacuation for a fire drill was put in place. Upon arriving, the fire department 
reported the gas smell was being reported by other area businesses. At approximately 10:35 after 
consulting with the fire department, the decision was made to begin evacuating to St Margaret's 
Church to provide shelter from the snow.  At approximately 10:45 the fire department reported 
that they had inspected the building and there was no risk inside the building.  The smell was a 
result of the gas line in the street experiencing a "backup" which emitted the gas smell into the 
ventilation system of the building. At approximately 10:55, students were able to return to the 
building. All students and staff are safe and excited to share their experience about their walk in 
the snow today!  I am grateful for our school crisis team and staff who have established clear 
protocols for all school emergencies.

Thank you,
Deb Dressler