Friday, January 22, 2016

Weekly Memo

January 22nd, 2016
Main Office 781-270-1721    Nurse 781-270-1724   Absentee Line 781-273-7649

January 25th - K report cards sent home
January 29th - 3rd Grade Field trip, Lowell Mills
Feb 3rd & 4th - Incoming Kindergarten Registration 8am to 11am
Feb 4th - Memorial PTO meeting 7pm
Feb 15th - Feb 19th - School Vacation, No School
Mar 1st - No School, Presidential primary
March 2nd - Dr Seuss Day
March 5th - Toast to Memorial

Chicken Tenders
Chicken Parm
Hot Dog
Homemade Pizza

From the office:
From the Office: Please send in any box tops you have collected.  Every label collected is money for our school. Box tops can be found on over 240 participating products, it’s an easy way for schools to earn cash for the things they need.

Winter weather tip from the Nurse: Hydration! Plenty of water is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer. Cold air, indoor heating systems, and warmer baths/showers can all contribute to dry skin, nose and lips in the winter. So have your children keep up with the fluids in the winter too! Chapstick will also help keep lips moisturized.
Just a few reminders:
Inclement weather, per the Memorial School Handbook, “On most days except on days of inclement weather or when the temperature is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, students go outside to play to enjoy the outdoors.  If there is medical documentation that your child  cannot go out on cold days, a note from the pediatrician is necessary in order for your child to remain indoors.  If your child is well enough to come to school, they are well enough to go outside during recess.  It is very important that students come to school with proper outdoor attire, such as jackets, hats, and gloves in order for them to be safe and comfortable during recess.” Wind chill factor will also be considered when determining indoor/outdoor recess.

Medication: If your child must take medication during school hours, or he/she needs to have medication available for emergencies, a permission release form is available from the nurse.  The prescribing physician and the parent must complete a two-part form.  MEDICATION IN A PHARMACY LABELED CONTAINER, MUST BE BROUGHT INTO THE SCHOOL BY AN ADULT. THE ADULT SHOULD MEET WITH THE NURSE TO DISCUSS THE STUDENT’S NEEDS.
Bring in only the amount needed.  If your child is on a prescribed medication, ask the pharmacy to provide separate containers for school and home.  No more than a thirty day supply of the medicine should be delivered to the school.  Children are not permitted to keep the medication with them or at their desk.

Illness Guidelines:
Red Light Symptoms:  (Children don’t attend school):  Fever (99.5 or higher), diarrhea, vomiting, and sore throats (sore throats could be strep which is highly contagious).  These are the big four to keep your child at home.  Children need to be free from these symptoms for 24 hours before returning to school.  If your child has any type of flu symptoms, fever, chills, low energy please keep them home from school.
Yellow Light Symptoms: (Children could or couldn’t attend school, need to use your best judgement):  If your child has cold symptoms and you feel they should go to the doctor, please keep them home from school.  If your child has a runny nose that is green and thick and a hacking cough, they should stay home.  If your child has a bad cold, but no energy and requires any type of medicine to get through the day, they should probably stay home.  Remember children are not available to learn if they aren’t feeling well.
Green Light Symptoms:  (Children can attend school): Your child has allergies and has a clear runny nose or cough.  Your child has been sick but has been symptom free or on antibiotics for 24 hours.
I hope that you find these guidelines helpful when deciding whether or not to keep your child home from school.  Please keep in mind that your decision to keep your child home could help to keep other children and staff healthy.

Food Services:  Cafeteria Substitutes needed, Please call Karen Damaso at 781-270-1756 for more information.

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