Monday, August 31, 2015

School wide Expectations at Memorial

We had a wonderful start to the new year at Memorial School.  Students got to watch the now infamous "Be A Star" video performed by our talented teaching staff! Please come to the Open House on September 15th to see it for yourself! We all gathered in the cafe for a short assembly to review school wide expectations before going to our classrooms. This year all students will fill in a special "Memorial Passport" in all the areas of the school and receive a star for each location that they demonstrate expected behaviors.  

Hands at your side
Always look forward
Low speed
Lips zipped

Be quick (get in, get out, don’t hang out)
Always keep area clean (trash goes in the trash can)
Tell an adult about any problems
Hands to yourself
Respect school property

Observe privacy of others
Only one person in a stall
Make sure you flush

Clean up your area (table and floor)
Ask for permission to leave your seat (for bathroom or to get utensils, napkins etc.)
Friendly words,good manners
Enter and exit quietly

Play fair and take turns
Line up quickly and quietly

Appropriate use of equipment 

Your actions matter

Be a role model
Use safe hands and kind words
Stay in your seat and remember safety first

Stay seated and sit still
Have fun and applaud appropriately  
On task (have eyes and ears on the presenter)

Walk in and out with hands and feet to yourself