Friday, February 27, 2015

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March 6th, 2015
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Feb 27th - Dr Seuss Read Aloud Day
Mar 8th - Daylight Savings, Spring Forward
Mar 10th - 1st Grade Field trip to Chelmsford Theatre
Mar 23rd-27th PARCC testing grades 3-5
Mar 28th - Toast to Memorial
Mar 30th -31st -  PARCC makeups
Apr 7th - Spring pictures

Main Entree Choices (See Lunch Menu for More Details) Mar 2nd - Mar 6th
French Toast Sticks
Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Taco Mac Cheese
Steak & Cheese Sub
French Bread PIzza

From the Office:  READING MATTERS at Memorial School!  Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! Memorial School celebrated Read Across America Day (otherwise known as Dr. Seuss’s Birthday) in grand style today.   More than 20 students from BHS visited Memorial classrooms, K-5, to share various Dr. Seuss stories, inspiring them with their own experiences around reading and learning. A big thank you goes out to these exemplary representatives of Burlington High School and the wonderful families who have raised them. Thank you too to the efforts of Reading Specialist Marjorie Johnson, Librarian Rose Magliozzi, PE teacher and Athletic Trainer Lynda Bannon,  and Memorial Cafeteria Manager Chris Stevens, for organizing such a special day for “our kids!”

Memorial students took The Dr. Seuss Oath in their class today.
The Dr Seuss Oath
I promise to read
Each day and each night.
I know it's the key
To growing up right.
I'll read to myself,
I'll read to a crowd.
It makes no difference
If silent or loud.
I'll read at my desk,
At home and at school,
On my bean bag or bed,
By the fire or pool.
Each book that I read
Puts smarts in my head,
'Cause brains grow more thoughts
The more they are fed.
So I take this oath
To make reading my way
Of feeding my brain
What it needs every day!

From Miss McLaughlin:  I am VERY excited (and a little nervous) to say I will be running the 2015 Boston Marathon in April! I am running for a charity called Challenge Unlimited.  Challenge Unlimited in Andover provides therapeutic, educational and recreational opportunities using horses for children, teens, and adults with varying disabilities such as autism, cancer, stroke, Down syndrome, and more.
For more information, please check out this link:

From the PTO:  Save the Date: The Toast to Memorial will be on March 28th at the Crowne Plaza.  
Happenings Around Town:
BBSA Registration is OPEN!  Please go to to register for the 2015 Spring Season.  Opening Day is April 18th!