Friday, February 13, 2015

Fourth Grade Invention Convention

Fourth graders at Memorial School are…
creators, engineers, problem solvers and 

This is a small sampling of simple machines that students built using
pulleys, screws, levers, incline plane, wedges, wheels and axles

Problem: Not having enough time to exercise and clean
Solution: Use levers and pulleys to do leg lifts while you sweep!

Problem: Garbage and recycling taking up too much room
Solution: Crush your cans and cartons on the handy shelf inside the bin! 

Problem: Tired of holding onto your book while you read?
Solution: a book holder to free up your hands!

Problem: Having food available for your pet when they need it
Solution: Using incline planes and a container to keep your pet from ever going hungry! 

Problem: Having food close by once you are sitting down
Solution: create storage underneath!

Problem:  How to clean up a mess fast
Solution: Use wheels and axles to make the job easy!

Problem: keeping hockey equipment organized
Solution: The Puck Lot.