Thursday, June 19, 2014

Principal of the Day

Paige M. was my third grade principal for the day today!
She brought her side kick, Alyssa to help out
Off to the library to give Mrs. Magliozzi the fifth grade class gift 

Then down to Kindergarten for their special days
Paige and Alyssa got to see the beautiful memory books the teachers made for each student
and listen to a wonderful Let Us Go song in Mrs. Percoskie's classroom

Then onto Mrs. Coates classroom for a special video presentation 
of all the events this year in kindergarten

We checked out Ms. York's new classroom and asked if she 
needed any help

We visited first grade classrooms and Paige found her
sister, Sydney

Doesn't every principal play games during school
My favorite…RushHour
Thank you Paige and Alyssa for a fun filled day!