Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bridges volunteer needed

Volunteer Opportunity
PositionPTO Liaison  (one for each elementary school).
Purpose: Help recruit volunteers (55+ local residents) to participate in Bridges Together, a program for fourth graders in Burlington. We would like to expand the program to reach more of the fourth grade classrooms but we need additional volunteers to be able to expand.
Dates:  June 2014 - June 2015
  1. Help support the Bridges programs in their own school and throughout the community – being a bridge between the program, the PTO and the greater community
  2. Attend the kick-off celebration and a ½ day training in September and be in touch with the Volunteer Coordinator(s) throughout the year via email and/or phone
  3. Work as a team to recruit seniors for all schools.  This includes:
  • Posting flyers around town
  • Getting blurbs into their school newsletters and religious organization bulletins
  • Talking to leaders in organizations they belong to – and helping to coordinate short presentations on Bridges  
  1. Attend the reunion (one Monday morning,10-12PM) for your school if your schedule permits
  2. Help find someone to fill the position for the following school year
Contact: If interested, please contact Katie Bercury, bercury@bpsk12.org781.505.4942, byJune 19, 2014.