Tuesday, June 10, 2014

5th grader writes a Poem to the teachers at Memorial

The end of the 5th grade has come
The year that ends it all
We’ve challenged ourselves,
Read the books on the shelves,
We took risks and we didn’t fall.
We’ve worked hard and prospered,
We’ve eaten up all of the stuff that the teachers have served
Math, science, the ABCs,
You name it, we passed with ease
We were taught to be respectful and kind
to be a leader and do the right thing
and when it came to specialty activities,  
There were teachers to teach us how to play fair, create and sing.
How have they done it?
What is their secret?
The age old question is confirmed.
I believe that these wonderful teachers are glorious creatures
They’re the best in the whole wide world!

Thank you Sydney!