Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Recycling Rain Water in Burlington

We are, once again, offering the Great American Rain Barrel at a huge discount through our municipal rain barrel program. These barrels are just $69 through our program - 40% off the retail price of $119. Be sure to order yours now; this program may not be offered again next year.

Orders must be received before 5:00pm Saturday, May 3rd
Order by phone: (800)251-2352
Order by snail mail: Order form attached to this message

Barrels must be picked up between 9:00am and 11:00am Saturday, May 10th
Parking lot behind Burlington Town Hall at 29 Center Street  

Some great reasons for using a rain barrel: 

Using a rain barrel reduces storm water run-off
Capturing rain water in a barrel before it hits the ground decreases storm water run-off, which otherwise carries pollutants from paved surfaces into groundwater and rivers. 

Plants prefer rain water. 
Non chlorinated rain water is better for your plants than what comes out of the tap and it shows in the garden.

It is sustainable.
Harvesting and using your own rain water is an easy step towards sustainability. It lowers your carbon foot print and teaches conservation.

Jodie Wennemer Keene, Assistant Conservation Administrator
Town of Burlington | Conservation Department | 25 Center Street | Burlington, MA 01803
e: jkeene@burlington.org | t: 781.270.1655 | f: 781.238.4667 |www.burlington.org