Saturday, February 15, 2014

The day after Valentines Day

We are an active caring school community!
I have always known it shouldn't take a holiday to remind me of the need to communicate kindness throughout the year, but sometimes a gentle reminder like Valentines Day can provide that reflective moment. We need to recognize the inherent goodness in each other on a daily basis. Being inclusive at Memorial School is as meaningless as the message on a candy heart if we don’t show it through words and actions. We can make everyday Valentines Day by participating in positive and caring home school communication, understanding and accepting each others differences, and being kind to ourselves and others.  Students can show their affection for Memorial School by keeping it clean, making safe choices at recess and committing to come to school each day, on time, ready to learn and work together.
One needs only to meet with our wonderful students, witness the daily supportive acts of our talented staff, marvel at our devoted volunteers, attend a PTO event to recognize that huge hearts are alive and well in our learning community. 
Thank you!